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Line 10: Line 10:
 cd ~/docker-compose cd ~/docker-compose
 mkdir homebridge mkdir homebridge
 +cd homebridge
 vim docker-compose.yml vim docker-compose.yml
 </code> </code>
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 ===== Removing cached accessory configurations ===== ===== Removing cached accessory configurations =====
 +==== Method 1: At the docker host level ====
 +In order to remove cached accessory configurations which sometimes can cause problems:
 +<code bash>
 +cd ~/docker-compose/homebridge
 +docker-compose down
 +rm -rf ~/docker-persist/homebridge/accessories
 +docker-compose up -d
 +Restarting the container will take a while. You can check its status on portainer. Be **very** careful in using the correct folder (''docker-persist'') when deleting the accessories folder. After executing this, homebridge will be restarted and the cache recreated with what is specified in the config.
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